One-year-old expertly snowboards down Austrian alps


Parents show off their very young kids’ natural talent for snowboarding

The youngest of whom is just one year old – who are super talented at snowboarding.

Carolin and Patrick Schreiber have always been big lovers of the snow – and it has obviously rubbed off on their three kids.

They’ve taught their children how to snowboard from great heights up in the Austrian mountains.

Little Lumi (meaning snow), seven, Martti, four, and Peppa, just one, all possess incredible skill and natural talent and are happiest when shredding together.

The family, from Germany, regularly return to dad Patrick’s birthplace in Kartitsch, Tyrol, Austria, to hone their skills.

Siblings Lumi and Martti often hit speeds that would impress veteran skiers and beginners alike.

Little Peppa can also keep up with the family and has remarkable control over the board.

Lockdown has hampered the family snow time, but the youngsters keep their reactions sharp by practising skateboards.

Mum Carolin, 38, who has been skiing since she was two, said: ‘Perseverance was key in teaching them how to ride a snowboard.

‘We really had to keep at it. Practice, practice, practice.

‘Of course, talent helps and was important in their learning. But keeping them motivated was equally important.’

The parents tried several tricks to ensure the children would keep going and wouldn’t tire of the sport.

Carolin added: ‘We started by taking their toys and dolls with them on the slopes. We made their toys run down the slope and had the kids board down to catch them.

‘We would also always carry little treats with us, such as healthy snacks and sometimes a bit of candy too, to keep to motivation level high.

‘But the most important thing was that, whatever we did, it always had to be fun!’