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Brief Personal Bio:

Kate Romero has been in the entertainment industry for nearly three decades, both in front of the camera, and behind the scenes.  She has a broad and fully educated view of the creative process.

Over the years, she has fostered many incredibly valuable relationships with producers, directors, casting offices, and PR firms that trust her ability to focus positively and to succeed at most every project she undertakes.

During her ever expanding career, Romero has been associated with a virtual Who's Who of A list Hollywood talent. To this day, she is most excited about being hand picked as a 1940's "pin up girl" by Bob and Dolores Hope for A Bob Hope Special to celebrate the 90th birthday of U.S. Army General Jimmy Doolittle and working with many Hollywood legends including Jimmy Stewart, George Burns, Johnny Carson, Phyllis Diller, Charlton Heston, Shirley Jones, Don Knotts, Tom Cruise, Ed O'Neill, among many others.

Romero began her journey in the entertainment industry as a working actor for 15 years before a serious on-set injury that nearly left her paralyzed changed her career path. As a working actor she continuously helped her friends acquire acting roles as a way to help them thrive, which made the shift from actor to talent manager a natural progression for her.  Romero created Guardian Angel Management which was later to become Stellar Angel Talent. During the past two decades, Romero has helped launch hundreds of budding careers for actors who have gone on to do great things today. This has been her greatest joy.

Between her two companies, Romero was personally invited by Herb Tannen to join the theatrical department of Beverly Hills, Herb Tannen and Associates where she worked as a theatrical talent agent. Sadly, after 33 years of flourishing, the agency closed their doors due to the SAG commercial strike and returned Romero again to the freedom that Talent Management offers, which she has continued to do for the past 15+ years.

In order to stay active producing and creating other opportunities, Romero keeps her small and select list of talent very busy. "We all deserve to do what lights us up in life and to have it all if we can" says Romero, who also continues to help to tell stories through acting on occasion for very select projects.

Kate's Advice: Have a life outside of the Industry that lifts you and others up.

Stellar Angel Trivia:
Jeff Van Vonderen (seen on the left with Larry King and Kate Romero) has been with Stellar Angel since performing an intervention on a celebrity client who was prominently featured on the cover of TV Guide in 2004. Kate met Jeff for coffee the next day and told him he needed to have his own show. As fate would have it, this declaration ushered in Jeff as the Forefather of the Emmy, and multiple Prism Award Winning (formerly A & E project) "INTERVENTION," which celebrated 243 Episodes and 13 seasons. Stellar Angel Talent is proud and honored to have been a part of this shows huge impact on society.

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